March 5, 2024

Did it Trend - Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift's concert film "The Eras Tour" made waves on Disney+, with $75 million paid for streaming rights. Premiering in theaters, it earned $261.7 million. Released on Disney+ in March 2024, it quickly became the most-watched music film ever, with 7.8 million US viewers in the first week, representing nearly 20% of all Disney+ profiles.

Swifties around the world are taking overDisney+

Streaming platforms are increasingly recognizing the importance of fan engagement in driving viewership. One of such platforms is Disney+ which reportedly paid $75 million for Taylor Swift’s concert movie streaming rights and is now celebrating its success. 

Taylor’ Swift: The Eras Tour is a 2023 American concert film directed bySam Wrench and produced by Taylor Swift which premiered in theaters worldwide in October 2023. Right after theatrical release, the movie documenting Swift’s2023-2024 concert tour became an instant hit and collected 261.7 million at thebox office. 

After 5 months, Taylor Swift’s fans can experience it once again. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) was released exclusively on Disney+ on March 14,2024. The movie has taken the world by storm, breaking records and capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. Although it was released less than a month ago, it has already been announced the most watched music film ever. Thus we don’t have to ask if Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour trended on Disney+. It obviously did and we can prove it:


In the first week of its release, the movie  was watched by 7.8 million Unique Viewers in the United States and was the  most watched title on Disney+. Although the numbers may not illustrate the  success of this production, we’ll add that 7.8M Unique Viewers represents  almost 20% of all active profiles on Disney+ during this period. In the chart  above you can see the performance of this title compared to the 2nd most  watched title on Disney+ in March; Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

How does it compare to other concert films  on Disney+?

We can clearly see that it outclassed its competition in  terms of the performance in the first days since the release:



The  number of Unique Viewers is not the only factor that proves Swift’s film  success. We dived into its Reactivation performance and as you can see below,  it is definitely leading in terms of reactivating inactive users and  attracting new subscribers in March: