April 23, 2024

The World Went Crazy About the Calvin Klein Ad

The Bear series on Hulu experienced a surge in viewership in January 2024, attributed to Jeremy Allen White's Calvin Klein ad. 11.3 million Unique Viewers spent 29.3 million hours watching, a significant increase from the previous month.

We already know that viral TikTok trends or social events can  influence the popularity of content. This time, let’s look at the case of  Jeremy Allen White and The Bear on Hulu.


The Bear is an American comedy-drama series created by Christopher  Storer released on Hulu on June 23, 2022. This compelling story about an  award-winning chef (Jeremy Allen White) returning to his hometown to manage  the chaotic kitchen at his deceased brother’s sandwich shop quickly gained  recognition among the Hulu viewers. In the first week of release, The Bear  was watched by almost 3 million Unique Viewers on Hulu in the United States.  Season 2, released in June 2023, attracted even more viewers - over 10  million watched The Bear during that month:



However, it’s been a  while since the last episode of The Bear was released so the  viewership of the series has been gradually decreasing. Then, suddenly, we  saw a spike in January 2024. It turns out that the world has gone insane  about the latest Calvin Klein ad starring Jeremy Allen White. The  commercial was released on YouTube in January and has already gained 6.1M  views. So we had to ask:

Did  the Calvin Klein ad make The Bear trend again?

Yes! We can clearly see that the commercial revived viewers’  interest in The Bear on Hulu. In January 2024, 11.3 million Unique  Viewers spent 29.3 million hours on watching The Bear. It's almost  130% more Unique Viewers than in the previous month:



And what about the season level? Below, we can see that Season  1 was more popular than Season 2 in January 2024 so the whole craze about The  Bear and Jeremy Allen White most likely brought new viewers to the series  as well as stimulated existing fans to rewatch: